Most networking groups focus on leads.  

Our philosophy:  If you focus on developing great business relationships, the leads will naturally follow.  


The business brain power at your disposal in a Connectwork Club is invaluable.  Our members have a collective experience you just can't get anywhere else.


Not only do our members get great referrals from within the network, they are better at what they do because they have surrounded themselves with a winning team.  


Although "fun meeting" may sound like an oxymoron, our members show up for our meetings every week because they want to.  There is no attendance policy.  Our members are there because the meetings are fun and full of value.   

Club Events

We sponsor regular team building events within each club.  Happy Hours and Hockey games are a great place to foster your business network.

Network Events

We also sponsor events where the entire network is invited so you get a chance to meet more great business people.

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